Tuesday, November 24, 2009


yo everybody, what's poppin.
i just wanted to let everybody know that this blog is NOT dead. the reason there hasn't been a post in so long is simple... MY COMPUTER BIT THE DUST! so, r.i.p. to the big homie Dell. if anybody has an ill computer hookup, holler at ya boy cause surfin(free max b) the world wide web on the ol' psp is NOT what's up. anyways, if you're in the tri-state area or feel like making a road trip to a dope-ass show, come out to CLAMDIGGERS (yeah, that's right) this friday night for the record release show for the Cold World/Strength For A Reason split 7" featuring CW, SFAR, Wisdom In Chains, War Hungry, Concrete Reality and WB's newcomers Dead End Path. That's Northeast PA's FINEST, b. If the name of the club really means anything, you can catch me at a table surrounded by like 200 clam shells cause i gets busy on the clams dunny.
here's some info on the gig:


i know this is a long shot, but if anybody's makin the trip from michigan, holler at us because our geetar player haroun needs a ride back there.

anyways, how the gods chill is still a work in progress. we're cookin up some marvellous shit for it. it's gonna be an ill record, belieeeedat whoadie. in the meantime (no helmet-o), peep this vid of us tearin da club up in richmond last month. it was a great gig. floorpunch, war hungry, brace war & naysayer also ripped it. i decided that richmond shows have the best moshers nowadays. philly used to have the illest/hardest mosh style, then i'd say boston had the whole straight ahead steez on lock so they had the crown during the lock era, but richmond is doin it now. enjoy the vid, peace.

Cold World 10/17/09 Alley Katz from craig kenney on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Our buddies in Blacklisted were given a cease & desist years ago for using the Jack Daniels logo and I was weirdly jealous. How the hell did ol' JD find out about their shirt and why would they care?! It's not secret that CW uses a lot of imagery from hip-hop labels that I fucks with. In our last batch of tees I used NY's infamous Nervous Records logo. If you didn't listen to underground hip-hop or house/techno in the 90's you may not be familiar with Nervous, but they're best known in hip-hop for putting out Boot Camp Click's Black Moon and Smif N Wessun and in house/techno for releasing records by Armand Van Helden(who recently did a joint with Dizzee Rascal but this will always be my fav AVH track and Josh Wink (all dope artists). Anyways I got word that we got a cease and desist sent via myspace last week and it kinda sucks cause I was obviously paying homage to the label but they were always known in hip-hop circles for jerkin their artists for money (though you always have to take those stories with a grain of salt, especially in rap) so maybe they're not exactly "down 4 lyf with the kidz in the scene". So I'm left wondering the same things as when Blacklisted got served ... how the hell did they find out about the shirt? why the hell do they care? If anybody from Nervous is reading this (which I obviously highly doubt they are haha, but I also didn't think they would ever see the shirt!), it was an homage to your label even though 99.8% of your output was ultra-corny commercial house music. there was only around 100 of the tee's ever made and they're gone baby gone.

Our split with SFAR is finally available!!! DW apparently has some of the grey vinyls left over from TIHC, so cop them while you can.

Our side is 2 unreleased tracks called Taxin' and Stretched. Taxin reminds me of one of the shorter Right Brigade songs (just cause of the breakdown really) and has a cool Black Sheep-ish intro while Stretched basically picks up where we left of on Dedicated...
And just to keep you hungry for more CW material, we have about 4-5 songs demoed for the How The Gods Chill EP, but it's still a little ways off. The songs are ill though!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello Cold Worlders. Besides Sound & Fury, things have been fairly quiet on our front and they probably will be for a minute but it's all good. Hopefully the Gypsy and Pegasus 7"es on Six Feet Under Records will hold the fiends over until the How the Gods Chill records drops. If you haven't ordered those releases, definitely cop them because we're quite proud of them. There are other things in the works from both bands and some other shit we got cookin in the lab.

But anyways, the reason for this post is to present to you the COLD WORLD ROAD TO THIS IS HARDCORE PODCAST. It's a podcast of all new Cold World Remixes for you to bump on your way to This Is Hardcore. Here's a tracklist for you (even though tracklists are for posers).

1. nas-book of rhymes
2. outkast-art of storytellin
3. cella dwellas-land of the lost
4. kool g rap-drums of death
5. clipse-virginia
6. shabaam sahdeeq-eat this year
7. da fat cat clique-showdown
8. da youngstas & mobb deep-bloodshed & war
9. cella dwellas-perfect match
10. de la soul-the bizness
11. kwest-what's the reaction
12. da youngstas-iz u wit me
13. philly's most wanted-suckas
14. mop-pounds up
15. redman-whateva man
16. royal flush-can't help it
17. sadat x-1999


Thursday, July 2, 2009

young veteranz

what's the deal?
There's not much news on the Cold World front besides the Pegasus and Gypsy records. Our split with SFAR done and still on it's way. But whatever, that's not what this post is about! Here's a little hip-hop mix I did today. Couple hiccups here and there but overall it's a smooth mix. PEEP IT

Tracklist-(I added the label on the end if it's an indie)
1. Common-One Nine Nine Nine (Rawkus)
2. AK Skills-One Thing Or Another (Tru Criminal)
3. Kurious-Mansion And A Yacht (Merchantz Remix)
4. Beatnuts-Get Funky (Remix)
5. Black Attack-Holdin It Down (Correct)
6. Black Attack-My Crown (Rawkus)
7. Fanat-My Style (Hydra)
8. Godfather Don, Sir Menelik & Mic L-No Competition (Hydra)
9. Lord Finesse, Fat Joe & Armageddon-Rules We Live By (Fat Beats)
10. Black Star-Respiration(Pete Rock "Flyin High Remix")
/Big L-On The Mic Blend (Rawkus)
11. Mos Def-The Universal Magnetic (Rawkus)
12. Pete Rock & The UN-Cake (BBE)
13. Dj Honda, Beatnuts, Fat Joe & Problemz-Out For The Cash (Relativity)
14. D'Angelo-Me And Those Dreamin Eyes Of Mine (Premier Remix)
15. Adagio!-Poetry To Infinity (Fat Beats)
16. L Fudge-Liquid (Rawkus)
17. Black Moon-Buck Em Down (Remix) (Nervous)
18. The Nonce-Eighty Five
19. Kwest Tha Madd Ladd-What's The Reaction

Also check out this little blurb we got on Pitchfork by our man Damian from Fucked Up. I know he's not comparing our music because we're obviously no where near the same level as them but it's stll really cool to be mentioned with Beastie Boys & Sonic Youth (2 huge influences on me) by a peer & friend.

Friday, May 22, 2009

it's been a long time...

i shouldn't have left you without a dope mix to step to.
it's been a minute since i posted an update so i figure while my band mates are in seattle playing rain fest (shout out to riffset for filling in for me) i'd make a little mix to post and keep this blog alive. so without further ado here's about a half hour of early house music. WARNING this mix is for the more musically open-minded howthegodschill reader! no floorpunching or headwalking to be done to this music haha!
anyways, prepare to JACKYOURBODY

also, cold world members have formed two new bands! this is sorta like a big deal, so pay attenchun.

GYPSY features alex on guitar/vox, rifking of bad seed on drums, foster of blacklisted/ex-cold world on bass and drew from letdown on second guitar. from the demoes i've heard, they take a lot of cues from jawbreaker and they do it very well. they recently recorded 2 songs and a cover for a 7" on six feet under records.

PEGASUS features yours truly (nick woj) spitting verbal heaters, haroun (cold world/rzl dzl) on guitar, scace (cold world/righteous jams/mental/etc) on bass, dfj (mind eraser/rival mob/mental) on drums and arthur(war hungry) on geetar. it has been said that we sound like the merauder demo w/eddie sutton on vocals, which is an extremely honorary compliment! here's our myspace.
we have 3 songs fror a 7" and we'll soon have a song just for myspace. we're not sure if the material we already have is coming out on reaper or if we're going to put that stuff out on a different label and write new stuff for reaper. the music from these songs has been recorded for at least 3 years now, so we really wanna get it out and work on new jams.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Everyone from Wilkes-Barre is very proud of Bad Seed. They are my favorite current hardcore band (tied with TIU prolly) and they seem to be at the top of a lot of peoples lists everywhere! Their set at United Blood was easily one of the rowdiest. Their new 7" is now available for preorder from 6131 and here's a little interview with Rifset to let you know what you're getting into when you order this new slammer. Also don't forget to cop the Mercy For None comp 7" from Reaper Records, which they have a jammin-ass song on (actually probably my fav Seed track!).

Friday, March 20, 2009

the don

take a listen to what i sweat harder than pretty much anything.
(props to philaflava for these links)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

you're loose but i'm stiffer


united blood tee #2

shout out to my man tome from bowl head recs (tokyo) for putting this design together for us. it's one that i've wanted to make for a while so it's cool to finally have it. i'm pretty sure the shirt itself is gonna be grey. should be dope!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


here's a preview of one of our tee's for united blood. puh-leez don't msg us asking to send you one because we're too lazy and irresponsible and we're only making enough for the show as uge. sorry homies and homettes.
we're also gonna have a wild pitch rip design but i don't have a preview of it yet. i'll post it when i get it.
we're really psyched for u.b.! can't wait to see all our friends and see good bands play. i'm personally looking forward to cro-mags(CRAIG AHEAD!), trapped under ice, title fight, rise and fall,. blacklisted, brace war and our new hometown heroes bad seed. they're not playing, but if you haven't checked out free spirit do yourselves a favor and peep them. boston bebs playing straight ahead-style core for da yoot. i saw them last week and was not let down! they had a great token entry rip off shirt too! =)
anyways, we decided to play one of the songs from the how the gods chill ep for the first time at united blood. i would say pay attention to it if you wanna get a good idea of what the ep is gonna sound like, but every song sounds pretty much completely different haha
if you haven't been bumpin this track for the past week you're SLEEPIN:

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Just wanted to let everybody know that if you're planning on winning one of username: iowncds' cold world auctions that are up now, they're kinda bootlegs. dude works for the company that prints our shirts and he prints the designs we get made on different colors and shirt-types. almost every cold world shirt he has listed right now was not sold by cold world. we're not mad at dude for making the shirts themselves but we just want people to know the deal before they buy the joints.
peace! =)

Friday, March 6, 2009

the real

I haven't posted any music in a minute and I had some free time today sooooo I put together this lil mix of dope/rare hip-hop for aybody. Everything on here is mid-90's except the audio two acapella. Everything from first press vinyls, eff serato.
1. Gang Starr-You Know My Steez/Audio Two-Top Billin (blend)
2. INI-Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix)
3. Da Youngstas-Verbal Glock
4. Godfather Don-Piece Of The Action
5. Godfather Don-Life Ain't The Same
6. Godfather Don-Fame
7. Ruggedness Maddrama-The Best Ones Yet
8. LUX-Just Enuff
9. Large Professor & Pete Rock-The Rap Game
10. Sadat X, C-Low, Severe, K-Terrible & Diamond D-Feel It
11. Strickly Roots ft. Fat Joe & Grand Puba-Beg No Friends (Valley Mob Mix)
12. Ras Kass-Soul On Ice (Diamond D Remix)
13. Cella Dwellas-We Got It Hemmed
14. Shyheim The Rugged Child-On & On (DJ Premier Remix)
15. Screwball-F.A.Y.B.A.N.
16. Triflicts-Genuine
17. Now Born Click-Now Born Soldiers
18. Street Smartz-Ain't No Burna
19. Akinyele-Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?
20. Shabaam Sahdeeq-Arabian Knights
21. Real Live ft. Ghostface Killa, Cappadonna, Lord Tariq, & Killah Sin-Real Live Shit Remix


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


YO! what's poppin, everybody? sorry i haven't posted anything a while but this dope post should make up for it. wax poetics has been one of the dopest magazines out since on the go and the latest issue is dedicated to philadelphia! The Pop Art piece was my favorite for obvious reasons (word to the framed o.g. three times dope poster hanging above me[thanks jes!]) but it wasn't even close to being as in depth as i would have liked it to be. needless to say, i was psyched when i found that the author posted the entire interviews he did with quran of da youngstas and est of three times dope. Philly hip-hop has always been easily outshined by new york so if you're an armchair hip-hop listener you may not be familiar with Da Youngstas or Three Times Dope and if that's the case, let this be your introduction. If you like what you read/hear, check out other Philly artists like Tuff Crew, Lux, Da Fat Cat Clique, and Ruggedness Maddrama,



Wednesday, February 4, 2009


here's a lil vid i found of us playing at the barbary this past week. thanks to cruel hand & mother of mercy for letting me rip on their drum shit. barbary is a cool venue/bar right down the street from me so it was cool to be able to come home, get a quick shower and walk to the show. there was a lot of old friends there that i don't get to see too often and the regular crew of my best homies. i also met a girl who travelled all the way from finland! i noticed a lot of the trapped under ice crew were in effect. shout out to them boys, definitely my favorite new hardcore band.
watching the video, you'll notice ned from title fight filling in for scace. i really like playing with that dude. check out his band, they're dope. thanks to joe for putting on the show too! dude always hooks us up and we're thankful for it. anyways here's the video. take note of dan's lucious locks.

Cold World - The Barbary, Philadelphia PA 2/1/09 from Todd Kostka on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


i thought i told y'all. thought we'd quit? MORE & MORE HITS
Clipse-Virginia (Cold World Remix)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

aks me anythang

George H. is many things. A great friend, amazing frontman, deep lyricist, witty jokester etc. After reading his interview with Norm Arenas I realized he added ill writer to his resume. He asks great questions and responds to them in a way that makes you feel like you're reading an involved conversation instead of the regular list-of-questions style hardcore interview. When George told me I was going to be one of his next subjects I was pretty flattered, yet nervous. I'd be following up a dude who was in a couple of my favorite bands! Who would wanna read about me after reading about someone who spent time in Texas is the Reason and Shelter?! Not to mention he was responsible for one of the illest hardcore zines and comps of all time. That antimatter comp... Wow. I'll never get sick of that bad boy. I got it on vinyl when it came out and I was pretty young so I'll always have a personal connection to it. Anyways, here's my feature on George's blog, geethatsme. Honestly, this interview's content doesn't stray too far from our regular convo's while browsing the new Lo at the Mall or goin to catch a flick. Throw in some "Yo... how much do you love Scaramanga and Godfather Don"s and it'll be pretty accurate.

P.s. George, how much for that 92 hood? Hook a brother up

Monday, January 12, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

As promised, here's a video of me and Alex practicing a song off of "How the Gods Chill". This was pretty much right after we wrote it.

Cold World - New Song @ Rifset's from Ben Russin on Vimeo.