Friday, May 22, 2009

it's been a long time...

i shouldn't have left you without a dope mix to step to.
it's been a minute since i posted an update so i figure while my band mates are in seattle playing rain fest (shout out to riffset for filling in for me) i'd make a little mix to post and keep this blog alive. so without further ado here's about a half hour of early house music. WARNING this mix is for the more musically open-minded howthegodschill reader! no floorpunching or headwalking to be done to this music haha!
anyways, prepare to JACKYOURBODY

also, cold world members have formed two new bands! this is sorta like a big deal, so pay attenchun.

GYPSY features alex on guitar/vox, rifking of bad seed on drums, foster of blacklisted/ex-cold world on bass and drew from letdown on second guitar. from the demoes i've heard, they take a lot of cues from jawbreaker and they do it very well. they recently recorded 2 songs and a cover for a 7" on six feet under records.

PEGASUS features yours truly (nick woj) spitting verbal heaters, haroun (cold world/rzl dzl) on guitar, scace (cold world/righteous jams/mental/etc) on bass, dfj (mind eraser/rival mob/mental) on drums and arthur(war hungry) on geetar. it has been said that we sound like the merauder demo w/eddie sutton on vocals, which is an extremely honorary compliment! here's our myspace.
we have 3 songs fror a 7" and we'll soon have a song just for myspace. we're not sure if the material we already have is coming out on reaper or if we're going to put that stuff out on a different label and write new stuff for reaper. the music from these songs has been recorded for at least 3 years now, so we really wanna get it out and work on new jams.


  1. ok first of all : I got all your mixes and mixtapes I was searching for!second : your remix of "firewater" is awesome!
    I am really lookig forward to hear your side projects!
    and as last please tell me when the split with SFAR will come out I wanna be sure to get a copy and not pay 30 bucks on ebay!
    I am only asking because no info was released yet!

    thx man