Friday, March 20, 2009

the don

take a listen to what i sweat harder than pretty much anything.
(props to philaflava for these links)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

you're loose but i'm stiffer


united blood tee #2

shout out to my man tome from bowl head recs (tokyo) for putting this design together for us. it's one that i've wanted to make for a while so it's cool to finally have it. i'm pretty sure the shirt itself is gonna be grey. should be dope!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


here's a preview of one of our tee's for united blood. puh-leez don't msg us asking to send you one because we're too lazy and irresponsible and we're only making enough for the show as uge. sorry homies and homettes.
we're also gonna have a wild pitch rip design but i don't have a preview of it yet. i'll post it when i get it.
we're really psyched for u.b.! can't wait to see all our friends and see good bands play. i'm personally looking forward to cro-mags(CRAIG AHEAD!), trapped under ice, title fight, rise and fall,. blacklisted, brace war and our new hometown heroes bad seed. they're not playing, but if you haven't checked out free spirit do yourselves a favor and peep them. boston bebs playing straight ahead-style core for da yoot. i saw them last week and was not let down! they had a great token entry rip off shirt too! =)
anyways, we decided to play one of the songs from the how the gods chill ep for the first time at united blood. i would say pay attention to it if you wanna get a good idea of what the ep is gonna sound like, but every song sounds pretty much completely different haha
if you haven't been bumpin this track for the past week you're SLEEPIN:

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Just wanted to let everybody know that if you're planning on winning one of username: iowncds' cold world auctions that are up now, they're kinda bootlegs. dude works for the company that prints our shirts and he prints the designs we get made on different colors and shirt-types. almost every cold world shirt he has listed right now was not sold by cold world. we're not mad at dude for making the shirts themselves but we just want people to know the deal before they buy the joints.
peace! =)

Friday, March 6, 2009

the real

I haven't posted any music in a minute and I had some free time today sooooo I put together this lil mix of dope/rare hip-hop for aybody. Everything on here is mid-90's except the audio two acapella. Everything from first press vinyls, eff serato.
1. Gang Starr-You Know My Steez/Audio Two-Top Billin (blend)
2. INI-Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix)
3. Da Youngstas-Verbal Glock
4. Godfather Don-Piece Of The Action
5. Godfather Don-Life Ain't The Same
6. Godfather Don-Fame
7. Ruggedness Maddrama-The Best Ones Yet
8. LUX-Just Enuff
9. Large Professor & Pete Rock-The Rap Game
10. Sadat X, C-Low, Severe, K-Terrible & Diamond D-Feel It
11. Strickly Roots ft. Fat Joe & Grand Puba-Beg No Friends (Valley Mob Mix)
12. Ras Kass-Soul On Ice (Diamond D Remix)
13. Cella Dwellas-We Got It Hemmed
14. Shyheim The Rugged Child-On & On (DJ Premier Remix)
15. Screwball-F.A.Y.B.A.N.
16. Triflicts-Genuine
17. Now Born Click-Now Born Soldiers
18. Street Smartz-Ain't No Burna
19. Akinyele-Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?
20. Shabaam Sahdeeq-Arabian Knights
21. Real Live ft. Ghostface Killa, Cappadonna, Lord Tariq, & Killah Sin-Real Live Shit Remix