Wednesday, March 18, 2009


here's a preview of one of our tee's for united blood. puh-leez don't msg us asking to send you one because we're too lazy and irresponsible and we're only making enough for the show as uge. sorry homies and homettes.
we're also gonna have a wild pitch rip design but i don't have a preview of it yet. i'll post it when i get it.
we're really psyched for u.b.! can't wait to see all our friends and see good bands play. i'm personally looking forward to cro-mags(CRAIG AHEAD!), trapped under ice, title fight, rise and fall,. blacklisted, brace war and our new hometown heroes bad seed. they're not playing, but if you haven't checked out free spirit do yourselves a favor and peep them. boston bebs playing straight ahead-style core for da yoot. i saw them last week and was not let down! they had a great token entry rip off shirt too! =)
anyways, we decided to play one of the songs from the how the gods chill ep for the first time at united blood. i would say pay attention to it if you wanna get a good idea of what the ep is gonna sound like, but every song sounds pretty much completely different haha
if you haven't been bumpin this track for the past week you're SLEEPIN:

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