Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello Cold Worlders. Besides Sound & Fury, things have been fairly quiet on our front and they probably will be for a minute but it's all good. Hopefully the Gypsy and Pegasus 7"es on Six Feet Under Records will hold the fiends over until the How the Gods Chill records drops. If you haven't ordered those releases, definitely cop them because we're quite proud of them. There are other things in the works from both bands and some other shit we got cookin in the lab.

But anyways, the reason for this post is to present to you the COLD WORLD ROAD TO THIS IS HARDCORE PODCAST. It's a podcast of all new Cold World Remixes for you to bump on your way to This Is Hardcore. Here's a tracklist for you (even though tracklists are for posers).

1. nas-book of rhymes
2. outkast-art of storytellin
3. cella dwellas-land of the lost
4. kool g rap-drums of death
5. clipse-virginia
6. shabaam sahdeeq-eat this year
7. da fat cat clique-showdown
8. da youngstas & mobb deep-bloodshed & war
9. cella dwellas-perfect match
10. de la soul-the bizness
11. kwest-what's the reaction
12. da youngstas-iz u wit me
13. philly's most wanted-suckas
14. mop-pounds up
15. redman-whateva man
16. royal flush-can't help it
17. sadat x-1999


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