Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Our buddies in Blacklisted were given a cease & desist years ago for using the Jack Daniels logo and I was weirdly jealous. How the hell did ol' JD find out about their shirt and why would they care?! It's not secret that CW uses a lot of imagery from hip-hop labels that I fucks with. In our last batch of tees I used NY's infamous Nervous Records logo. If you didn't listen to underground hip-hop or house/techno in the 90's you may not be familiar with Nervous, but they're best known in hip-hop for putting out Boot Camp Click's Black Moon and Smif N Wessun and in house/techno for releasing records by Armand Van Helden(who recently did a joint with Dizzee Rascal but this will always be my fav AVH track and Josh Wink (all dope artists). Anyways I got word that we got a cease and desist sent via myspace last week and it kinda sucks cause I was obviously paying homage to the label but they were always known in hip-hop circles for jerkin their artists for money (though you always have to take those stories with a grain of salt, especially in rap) so maybe they're not exactly "down 4 lyf with the kidz in the scene". So I'm left wondering the same things as when Blacklisted got served ... how the hell did they find out about the shirt? why the hell do they care? If anybody from Nervous is reading this (which I obviously highly doubt they are haha, but I also didn't think they would ever see the shirt!), it was an homage to your label even though 99.8% of your output was ultra-corny commercial house music. there was only around 100 of the tee's ever made and they're gone baby gone.

Our split with SFAR is finally available!!! DW apparently has some of the grey vinyls left over from TIHC, so cop them while you can.

Our side is 2 unreleased tracks called Taxin' and Stretched. Taxin reminds me of one of the shorter Right Brigade songs (just cause of the breakdown really) and has a cool Black Sheep-ish intro while Stretched basically picks up where we left of on Dedicated...
And just to keep you hungry for more CW material, we have about 4-5 songs demoed for the How The Gods Chill EP, but it's still a little ways off. The songs are ill though!

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