Tuesday, November 24, 2009


yo everybody, what's poppin.
i just wanted to let everybody know that this blog is NOT dead. the reason there hasn't been a post in so long is simple... MY COMPUTER BIT THE DUST! so, r.i.p. to the big homie Dell. if anybody has an ill computer hookup, holler at ya boy cause surfin(free max b) the world wide web on the ol' psp is NOT what's up. anyways, if you're in the tri-state area or feel like making a road trip to a dope-ass show, come out to CLAMDIGGERS (yeah, that's right) this friday night for the record release show for the Cold World/Strength For A Reason split 7" featuring CW, SFAR, Wisdom In Chains, War Hungry, Concrete Reality and WB's newcomers Dead End Path. That's Northeast PA's FINEST, b. If the name of the club really means anything, you can catch me at a table surrounded by like 200 clam shells cause i gets busy on the clams dunny.
here's some info on the gig:


i know this is a long shot, but if anybody's makin the trip from michigan, holler at us because our geetar player haroun needs a ride back there.

anyways, how the gods chill is still a work in progress. we're cookin up some marvellous shit for it. it's gonna be an ill record, belieeeedat whoadie. in the meantime (no helmet-o), peep this vid of us tearin da club up in richmond last month. it was a great gig. floorpunch, war hungry, brace war & naysayer also ripped it. i decided that richmond shows have the best moshers nowadays. philly used to have the illest/hardest mosh style, then i'd say boston had the whole straight ahead steez on lock so they had the crown during the lock era, but richmond is doin it now. enjoy the vid, peace.

Cold World 10/17/09 Alley Katz from craig kenney on Vimeo.

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