Wednesday, January 21, 2009

aks me anythang

George H. is many things. A great friend, amazing frontman, deep lyricist, witty jokester etc. After reading his interview with Norm Arenas I realized he added ill writer to his resume. He asks great questions and responds to them in a way that makes you feel like you're reading an involved conversation instead of the regular list-of-questions style hardcore interview. When George told me I was going to be one of his next subjects I was pretty flattered, yet nervous. I'd be following up a dude who was in a couple of my favorite bands! Who would wanna read about me after reading about someone who spent time in Texas is the Reason and Shelter?! Not to mention he was responsible for one of the illest hardcore zines and comps of all time. That antimatter comp... Wow. I'll never get sick of that bad boy. I got it on vinyl when it came out and I was pretty young so I'll always have a personal connection to it. Anyways, here's my feature on George's blog, geethatsme. Honestly, this interview's content doesn't stray too far from our regular convo's while browsing the new Lo at the Mall or goin to catch a flick. Throw in some "Yo... how much do you love Scaramanga and Godfather Don"s and it'll be pretty accurate.

P.s. George, how much for that 92 hood? Hook a brother up

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