Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nick Woj-Best of the Cold World Remixes

Y'all know what the fuck it is. The best joints from the Cold World Remixes series with a few new ones thrown in the mix. I'm gonna have cover artwork for it soon, so I'll post that when it's done. Please feel free to pass this link around. I'm tryin to blow like the World Trade.


  1. Yo, could I please get a contact?

  2. contact me at
    thanks =)

  3. thx for this thats just what I needed.
    and congrats to the PEGASUS 7 inch its really awesome and outstanding.
    If you could just point me at a link for your BAYBEEZ mix everything would be perfect^^

  4. and btw the track DA YOUNGSTERS cant be extracted because of a CRC problem could you reup?

  5. Dope!

    As HUANSOAHN said, problems with Da Youngsters track, could you fix/re-up that?

    Also, it exist a tracklist/order of the mp3's?, wanna have them file in order and the artwork (when you can)


    cheers from Puerto Rico.