Wednesday, February 25, 2009


YO! what's poppin, everybody? sorry i haven't posted anything a while but this dope post should make up for it. wax poetics has been one of the dopest magazines out since on the go and the latest issue is dedicated to philadelphia! The Pop Art piece was my favorite for obvious reasons (word to the framed o.g. three times dope poster hanging above me[thanks jes!]) but it wasn't even close to being as in depth as i would have liked it to be. needless to say, i was psyched when i found that the author posted the entire interviews he did with quran of da youngstas and est of three times dope. Philly hip-hop has always been easily outshined by new york so if you're an armchair hip-hop listener you may not be familiar with Da Youngstas or Three Times Dope and if that's the case, let this be your introduction. If you like what you read/hear, check out other Philly artists like Tuff Crew, Lux, Da Fat Cat Clique, and Ruggedness Maddrama,



Wednesday, February 4, 2009


here's a lil vid i found of us playing at the barbary this past week. thanks to cruel hand & mother of mercy for letting me rip on their drum shit. barbary is a cool venue/bar right down the street from me so it was cool to be able to come home, get a quick shower and walk to the show. there was a lot of old friends there that i don't get to see too often and the regular crew of my best homies. i also met a girl who travelled all the way from finland! i noticed a lot of the trapped under ice crew were in effect. shout out to them boys, definitely my favorite new hardcore band.
watching the video, you'll notice ned from title fight filling in for scace. i really like playing with that dude. check out his band, they're dope. thanks to joe for putting on the show too! dude always hooks us up and we're thankful for it. anyways here's the video. take note of dan's lucious locks.

Cold World - The Barbary, Philadelphia PA 2/1/09 from Todd Kostka on Vimeo.